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Plagiarism Checker

A Free Online Plagiarism Checker: Make Sure That Your Papers Are 100% Unique

Plagiarism, plagiat, unoriginal text. No matter how you call it, this may become a real problem for every person, who has to compose texts. It is natural for copywriters and students to search for information online and base their research on it. Sometimes, they copy or paraphrase it improperly. When you use the ideas of other people without correct attribution, it becomes easy to detect plagiarism in your work. As a result, students have problems in college and writers disappoint their customers. To avoid this, you should use plagiarism checker software before submitting your papers or sending your content to customers.

With this procedure becomes affordable and simple. This is a free online software that doesn’t require downloading and installing. You just open this website in your browser, upload your text, and click the button. The tool will search through thousands of websites and databases to find matching elements, from paragraphs to small phrases, detecting plagiarism and marking them to let you edit all flimsy places of your writing. As you can see, checking your paper for originality is as simple as searching information with Google. This won’t take more than 5 minutes, so don’t neglect such an amazing opportunity!

Why do you need an accurate plagiarism check?

Plagiarism is defined as unethical act of using someone’s texts without giving a credit. In a word, it is perceived as stealing: you take the intellectual property of other authors and claim it to be yours. Just like any other unlawful action, plagiarism entails various kinds of punishment. Most universities and colleges don’t tolerate it in any form and have the right to exclude students who hand unoriginal essays. If you try to sell plagiarized content to your customers, you risk to lose your job and spoil your reputation. Both academic world and job market are really tough about stolen content.

However, the trickiest thing about plagiarism is that in most cases it can sneak into your texts unnoticed. This happens when you write common phrases or clichéd sentences that have been already used by other authors for billions of times. Also, you can simply forget to include the citation marks to your text and therefore become a plagiarizer without an intention to do so.

That is why you should use a plagiarism checker online. We have created this program to increase your awareness of plagiarized content and let you know how to get rid of it. Using this tool, you will not only find and fix plagiarized content present in your work, but also learn how to avoid this issue in future. This platform is perfect to perform a detailed check and correction of any type of written content. Whether it is an academic paper, literary text, technical document, business letter or anything else, the results are guaranteed to be accurate.

How does this online plagiarism checker work?

How to check plagiarism online? Everything is quite simple.To check plagiarism in your text, you just have to:

  • Open in your browser
  • Upload the document you would like to check or copy the text right to the required field
  • Start the processing by clicking a button
  • Wait for a while to let the tool find and compare your content with other texts already published on web
  • Review the results
  • Fix the marked places

This plagiarize checker evaluates your text and provides you with a clear and understandable report. In the report you will see the percentage of copied content as well as the URLs of the websites with the same text as yours. Consider these results and rewrite the marked phrases in your own words or make sure to include correct citations mentioning the source and the author of the original text. That’s all! We are glad to inform you that allows numerous checks for one session, therefore you can double-check your paper to be 100% assured that everything is just fine and no copied elements are present in your content.

Check plagiarism online and more

We have even more amazing detection instruments for you. Among them you will find:

  • Grammar

To make your writing not only unique but also grammatically-correct, we have an advanced grammar checker. This one will find all kinds of mistakes and help you fix them.

  • Proofreading and spelling

Misspelled words and other small errors won’t spoil your papers anymore. Use the proofreading software to eliminate all of them in a matter of minutes.

  • Punctuation

Make sure that your commas and dashes are on the right places with our punctuation checker.

As you can see, we are here to cover all of bases when it comes to writing. Don’t forget to scan your paper for all nuances and deliver only the best texts!