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A Fast and Profound Spell Check for Your Written Content

A spell checkernever goes amiss because even the simplest errors can cost you a high grade or even your reputation. Even though English is not the most complicated language, there are many words that are written and pronounced differently. Sometimes, the difference can be even too dramatic. Also, one should remember that spelling mistakes are often made by those writers, who were composing their papers in a hurry. The others are used to do it inattentively. If you think that such minor mistakes as wrongly spelled words are not worthwhile, then we have bad news for you. When your text includes such words, it becomes difficult to understand what exactly you want to express.

You need an online spell checker because you write for your audience, not only for yourself. You should take care about them and make your text as readable and clear as possible. With, you will easily perform a fast, accurate, and free editing of your text. By the way, we have more tools to offer and this also includes grammar editor, punctuation and plagiarism checker. Apply them all to your writings and you will surely reach the best possible results!

Why should you use ProofreadTool.cpm to check spelling?

Even the roughest mistakes won’t fade from the ProofreadTool’s view. This automatic mistake detector will find and correct all errors in your work, including even the roughest ones. Moreover, it will fix all phonetic mistakes, misprints, and wrongly-used words with the highest level of accuracy. And we have even more special reasons for you to let this app take care of your writings:

  • It is free

Considering that editing job or professional software can be really expensive, a few students can afford them. However, you don’t need to pay for using this website. All tools come absolutely for free.

  • Use it at any time

There are no holidays or day-outs for automatic checkers. You can visit this website at any time and perform a profound check.

  • Different languages

We implement new features regularly and work to add new language options to our program. In addition to English, you can also check your Spanishtexts here. No need to look for another application when you have ProofreadTool.

  • High speed

You need only a couple of minutes to see the processed text. This is a hundred times faster than revising your work manually. is a grammar and spell check that has an advanced technology able to find and correct all types of errors, including those that doesn’t meet the context of your sentences. This means that when you write “weak” instead of “week”, this app understands that this word choice is wrong considering other words and constructions you use. This makes our program significantly more efficient than most standard checkers.

Spell check, grammar check and more

Not only we provide students and writers with an opportunity to fix their spelling. Also, you can use this website to ensure that your text has no grammar mistakes (or learn how to fix them). If you are not sure about commas, enjoy the in-built punctuation checker. At last, we have a powerful plagiarism checking tool that gives your texts a final touch.

  • Grammar

This option is useful for both native speakers and foreign students. It is important to make sure that all of your confusing and run-on sentences are edited in a professional manner. If you have not enough skills, time or desire to do it, make sure that you have at hand.

  • Punctuation

When you miss punctuation marks, your sentences can become unclear. You should check all of them right at this website.

  • Plagiarism

And finally, when you are 100% assured that your paper is written perfectly, make sure that it doesn’t include any plagiarized elements.

As you can see, we have gathered a really strong set of writing and editing tools every student should have. Why not bookmarking right now?

A spell check online for every writer

It doesn’t matter what kind of text you are working on. If you are student, then you might be writing a research paper or an essay. It is great to find and erase all the errors before your teachers notice them. You may be a copywriter and your main aim is to deliver high-quality articles. Make sure that you check them before sending to your clients. If you are blogger, then you want your audience to understand your posts. Of course, you should give this amazing tool five minutes to let you edit your ideas.

This full pack of correction services provides a fast and simple check with one click. Become a better writer with and visit this resource anytime you need editing assistance!